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Rhodes, Kos, Marmaris and Bodrum----------CLICK ON SMALL PHOTOS FOR INFO.

PICT0089.JPGaec237f0-ab99-11e8-b991-471157f941ac.JPGlarge_100_2336.jpg100_2345.jpg100_2352.jpg100_2346.jpg100_2350.jpg100_2375.jpg100_2376.jpg100_2379.jpg100_2378.jpg100_2382.jpg100_2383.jpg100_2385.jpg100_2387.jpg100_2390.jpg100_2391.jpg100_2392.jpg100_2397.jpg100_2398.jpg100_2401.jpg100_2402.jpgPICT0001.JPGPICT0002.JPGPICT0012.JPGPICT0007.JPGPICT0017.JPGPICT0018.JPGPICT0019.JPGPICT0027.JPGPICT0033.JPGPICT0037.JPGPICT0043.JPGPICT0047.JPGPICT0052.JPGPICT0061.JPGPICT0067.JPGPICT0068.JPGPICT0070.JPGPICT0072.JPGPICT0080.JPGPICT0081.JPGPICT0093.JPG100_2289.jpg100_2293.jpg100_2298.jpg100_2296.jpg100_2303.jpg100_2305.jpg100_2309.jpg100_2310.jpg100_2311.jpg100_2313.jpg100_2315.jpg100_2316.jpg100_2317.jpg100_2318.jpg100_2319.jpg100_2321.jpg100_2323.jpg100_2325.jpg100_2327.jpg100_2333.jpg100_2336.jpgI arrived in Ancona Italy to take the night ferry to Patras Greece. The Superfast company ferry .-- A connecting bus to Piraus was waiting. That night took the ferry from Piraus to Rhodes by Star Ferries.-- I stayed in a small hotel in a narrow side street in old Rhodes Town. ---- I walked round the Castle Moat , and also the harbour side. Went up the Clock Tower for the view, the entire island can be seen. admission included a free drink. Also walked round the streets of the Knights. A day trip i took was by bus to Lindos,-- St, Paul visted Lindos in AD 58.--Today donkey rides take tourists up the cliff path.-------------------------------------------------------------------------I moved from Rhodes by ferry to Marmaris Turkey. A £10 Visa is required to enter Turkey . Ferry takes about 45 minutes. Marmaris is a smart place with a Bazaar of alleyways behind the Promanade. A short trip by mini bus is to the market in Icmeler. The currency in Turkey is the Lira. --------------------------------------------------------------------------Took the bus to Bodrum Turkey to stay at the Su Hotel. Explored Bodrum Castle also sat by the beach.. The highlight of my holiday was a mini bus trip to Ephesus. A journey back in history. A tip is carry a bottle of water and wear a hat has it can get very hot and sunny.--------------------------------------------------------------Next i moved on to Kos Greece by ferry, a short journey the coast of Turkey can be seen all the time. Kos is a charming place with tree lined avenues. The currency in Greece is the Euro.The purple of the jasmine and hibiscus is everywhere. There are two mosques and the medieval castle of the Knights of St John. Nearby is the Hippocrates plane tree, over 700 years old, its trunk is 17m ( 19yds). Hippocrates the famous Greek Physician was born in Kos. around 460 BC.

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